New Guy Here

Hello everyone,

I found this site on google while looking up info on EV’s.

I currently have a Civic Hybrid and Prius and have been looking a lot into EV’s. I’m interested in where this technology is headed and will be checking in occasionally.

I also have a great interest in solar energy and run a forum about it.

I look forward to chatting with you all!

Welcome to the forum, I’d be interested to hear more about solar energy projects!

I’m new here as well, let’s grow together! EV’s are definitely an interesting topic.

I’m new here too. It’s a nice forum for us.

Just joined and this looks like a great forum!

From Victoria BC and just waiting for an opportunity to buy a decent plug-in. Right now I am thinking that the Jeep Wrangler EREV is the one I will hold out for. I want something I can take camping on the weekends but can be mostly used for all-electric drives around town.

So this is a pretty quiet forum then…

Is there a busier general purpose forum that the 2000 + users on here visit instead?