How to tell the version of the differential

Is there a way to tell what gear ratio differential you have if there is no sticker on it?

Nope. Cant be done. Send your differential to me, and I’ll send you back an iBrick.

Helps if you give some detail.

That cart?

Iirc, 12.44 was stock on those.

Pull the fan shroud off the motor, jack the cart up, block one wheel, mark 12 o clock on the free wheel and the fan, start trurnubg the fan slowly by hand and count revolutions until the tire makes one full rev.

Then take the diff out and mail it to assyreqd Then I’ll still send you an iBrick

Manual count.

  1. Pull the Tach sensor off the end of your motor. Set it off to the side.
  2. Put a piece of tape on the motor shaft. Draw a lone on it with a sharpie or something from the center out so it is more/less a pointer. Make sure it is free to spin around and not catch or stick on anything as it spins. Rotate it so it is pointing straight up at an imaginary 12.
  3. Move your attention to the tire (passenger side preferred). Place another piece of tape on the tire straight down pointing to the ground.
  4. Hopefully you left some room in front of the car or behind. Slowly push your car in that direction while counting the number of times the tape on the motor spins around past the 12 position. Push/count exactly one revolution of your tire until the tape is back at the ground.
  5. Your motor will spin a predicted number and a partial amount and probably won’t be pointing straight up at 12. You count that partial as a percentage. If halfway around (pointing at 6 o clock) it will be .50

Expect it to spin 12 and 1/2 times around and that will be a 12.44 gear set.



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Thanks. I’ll try that.