How To Attach Series/Parallel Cells Without Soldering Them?

I’ve been reading up on using Lithium-Ion cells. One thing that I’m still a little baffled is on how to attach them when using series/parallel configurations. The reading I’ve done says that using a very hot soldering iron on the anode and cathode are not good for the cell and can actually ruin them. I’ve taken apart a few laptop battery backs and noticed they are some how “welded” with a small ribbon like metal strips. I can see the ribbon is some how arc-welded or “hooked” into the cell. Are there tools or kits to do this with?

yes, there are machines that weld the tabs on the ends, but they’re not cheap.

Soldering will damage them.

Where’d you get them? what do they look like?

Does anyone know what these “welding” machines are called? I don’t feel too confident getting my arc welder out and zapping my lithium ion cells :rolleyes::confused:

search “battery tab welder” on google

Battery spot welder will do the job. They’re on the order of $2500 now though. I’m building my own from some big capacitors and left over pieces for about $80. I’ve got some experimenting to do, since my first attempt blew a hole in an old alkinline battery I tested it on. Now I have nickel tabing and will try it for real.

Here’s a guiding website for a DIY set up.

Jay W

You guys rock! Now that I have the keywords straight I’ll move on. Thank you everyone!:D:D:D:D:D