Hi / Low voltage cutoff relay

I have been looking for a simple , easy , effective voltage cutoff relay for a battery charger . Last week A guy purchased a set of lithium cells from me for his golf cart . His charger was not programmable and charged too high . We discussed different options and settled on this device . Customer says it works great . On a DeltaQ you could easily break the temp sensor wire and the charger would shut off . It also could be used to disconnect the battery pack if voltage gets too low . The best part ? it costs a whooping $26.

He would have the AD48 version.
I wondered if there would be a 100v version and it looks like the AD220 220v version has a wide range.

It may even work on 48v system if set above 50v. Might drop out on low voltage though.

Careful using the internal relay to switch a load. It’s made for pilot duty. Perfect when used as @LithiumGods explained switching the DQ white enable wire.
Any more than a couple amps will cause the relay to fail. Normal relay failure is “welded”.:grimacing: