Delta QuiQ issue on lithium after low voltage shutdown

Running a 2012 e825 with a lithium pack from @LithiumGods. The cart shut off on us the other night while driving. Checked the battery and we were down at 66V. Gem showed wrench and error code 15 on screen. Plugged in cart and it wouldn’t charge. Per mikes advice tried putting the BMS in emergency mode and initiating charge again. No luck. The QuiQ charger is giving me 6 blinks which can be an internal fault so I’m leaning toward a charger issue as I checked all connections and they still look solid. Before I pull the charger I wanted to try to get the pack back above the low voltage threshold to be sure that isn’t causing the charger issue and to be sure the pack doesn’t drain any further. Can anyone recommend an external charger to charge the 84V lithium pack on its own?

Also, if the DeltaQ charger turns out to have an issue does anyone have suggestions for where to get repaired?

I have an external charger I can loan you. If charger is bad I have replacements

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I have a trick that can be used when this happens. It is not kid friendly so I don’t want to leave such a loaded weapon out laying around in the archives for wandering tourists to play with and possibly hurt themselves and blame me for it later.

See instructions via PM.


Hey Bnez!
What is your status?

We are all charged up and good to go for now. Left the Gem car at home on vacation until next week. I will edit the low voltage settings before I run again and determine the charge profile of the deltaQ upon my return and report back.

Thank you again!

I had an issue getting the Zivan charger to charge my DIY chevy volt 22s pack. It would alarm out and not charge. I bought a cheap Chinese lithium charger which brought the pack to some charge over 50%. Then the Zivan was happy and has worked ever since. The cheap charger only does about 2 amps I think but goes to 88 or 90 volts. I can’t really remember but there was a variety of voltages to choose from and they did not cost much. The one I chose was due to availability as I recall.

At the time I had a bad BMS due to moisture issues under the hood. The Zivan is configured for Gel batteries but the voltage of the Lion cells is high enough the charge will cut out before the BMS limits the charge. When I was operating without the new BMS for a week or two I was very careful to monitor voltages and charging time manually. A real PIA, but a good learning experience. The ANT BMS is great and does a lot of things for you. Actually, the Zivan cutting back from 10 amps bulk charge to 3.8 amps gives the BMS a nice slow rate to do the automatic top balancing. Reaching full charge does take a while, but I usually just plug it in and come back later. And I do it outside just because I can. I store gasoline in the shed not in the garage for the same reason. Nothing will happen, but if it does go up in flames I won’t have lost much. (Heck the GEM is a 2002 which some people think should be put out of its misery anyway)

And often mentioned that said gasoline is a good way to do it. LOL

My Zivan goes to 88V. I have a custom Leaf pack(22S) in a 2002 and see it hit 4.0V per cell which I try to keep at 3.95 for full charge.