Here's the turn signal horn LED light thing you were looking for

Hey Steve is this the light system you were looking for? It has the white lense for the headlight and the orange turn signals. It also has eight different alarm/horn sounds AND has he break light and break light switch you were looking for. If you are still building go karts for people then I think it would work well for you. They say it can be used with scooters, mini bikes, go carts, and or bicycles. It uses two AA batteries so you won’t need to wire it into the karts electrical system but I guess you could if you can figure that out. I found it at and here is the link to the LED page that has the light system

I lost your email address so I hope you see this. Post a message back and let me know how to get in touch with you. I don’t want to leave me email address out here for bots to grab.

Oh yeah, that same company also has that little compass with a carabiner you were looking for

Get back to me ok :slight_smile: