My scooter is about 2 years old. I live in a cold Canadian province, I actually
rode this most of the winter and it performed amazingly well - the bike has been outside all winter. Now at the end of winter its developed what seems like an electrical issue. Im hoping this is something I can fix myself and would appreciate any insight and feedback that may help.

What happens is, when the scooter is turned on it runs if I am only turning left, if I straighten the front wheel or turn right the back wheel where the engine is just stops, power is cut off, the LED panel remains on. As soon as I turn far left ( front wheel ), the engine powers back on. The left handle of bike is for rear brake, sometime back I dropped the bike and it messed up the tension for that cable, it still works but I have to press harder than normal to get the brake indicator to go on.

The power only cuts out when I turn right, and what looks like a throttle icon appears on the LED panel display.

I checked to see if the rear back lights come on when I turn right to see if somehow brakes were being activated when turning right, but the brakes lights do not turn on.

If I turn right, the engine cuts out and the throttle icon appears on the LED panel.

Any ideas what the problem might be and how to fix?

I would trace the wires, suspect there maybe a short or a wear point/break where they move to accommodate the handlebars turning

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