Help! Scooter is reversing! :o

E-Rider Scooter with 4 kW motor (china)

Today, after work, i was going to ride my scooter home, like i always do. But when i inserted the key, the thing reversed!!! I was fast on the rear brake, so nothing happened, but the controller shut down. i felt that it shifted between reverse and forward! (Normally, there is some safety features on it that always cuts the power to the motor when the sidestand is down, og when i use the brakes. But it did not funtion at all, so i stopped the engine by force!)
Then i turned on and of, and it was all dead for about 1 or 2 minutes. Then i turned it on, and it was normal.
I was afraid that it would suddently go full reverse it while i was riding 50 or 70 km/t, but i just took my chances, hehe.
5 kilometers later i made a stop (to get my earplugs in). So i turned of the ignition, ear plugs in, and then turned it on again. It did exactly the same thing, and it’s not just a little bit, it is like full throttle in reverse and then forward. But i had taken my precautions, so i i just pulled the rear brake. Then i left it alone for a minute, and it was ready again, and i rode all the way home (15 kilometer)

4 days ago, i duct taped the charger to the controller, so i could hide the charger, instead of having it in the helmet compartment.
I didn’t realize that the controller got so hot when riding, until today. I touched it, and i could swear that it would leave a burn mark if i touched it for more than about 3 sec.

So duct tape+controller=don’t do it.

Maybe the charger had heated up the controller or something? It’s charging at the parking lot while i’m at work.

So, any ideas what had happened?

There is no reverse function on this scooter, but now i know that it should be possible to make one? :x

It is getting worse… What to do? I have dismounted the controller and disassembled it. This is how it looks inside: | Vis upload IMG125.jpg | Vis upload IMG124.jpg | Vis upload IMG123.jpg

The components seems intact?