Electric scooter motor not running.

I had a light weight electric scooter powered by 5 inches 24V 250W motor. The brand is CarboAero. Fews days ago, while I am riding it at speed of about 10km/h on the side road. It ran into a pot hole and hit hard on the motor, the motor stop running thereafter. Whenever I turn on the scooter power and press the throttle, the motor jerk a little forward (sometime reverse) and stopped, had to shut off power for awhile and power on, press the throttle again, it jerk again and died off. The motor is not hot but hard to turn by hand even when the power is off. Disassemble the scooter side cover, there is only 3 wires connected to the 24V dc motor. When I unplug the wire connected to the motor, the motor can be turn quiet smoothly by hand. Should I replace the motor or the motor controller is faulty? Any advise? Thanks in advance.! This is the motor, I can’t,t open it.45|465x465