Hello fellow alternative people

I’m deciding how to do my first conversion.

And… I’m here asking for votes on a contest at the Sundancechannel.com.

Hear me out, if you like what I’m preaching… and I think I’m talking to the choir here, you will.

Gas prices suck. Not to mention that gas is bad for us, bad for the environment, pretty much just bad. But I still like the smell.

Old cars pollute more than new ones. Catalytic converters and all of the other smog equipment has made new cars much, much cleaner, but to power them we still importing oil, refining oil, etc.

I don’t like the idea of bringing barrels of oil across oceans to power my car. And trust me, I LOVE CARS.

I’ve been on a journey, getting greener by the day. This journey has led me to start a side-business… that I hope becomes productive enough to make into a full time business. I’ll be retro-fitting cars to use sustainable resources, or at least, resources that are cheaper and pollute less than the status quo.

So, I’ll be converting old Mercedes to run on Veggie Power, diesels to run on biodiesel, and converting worthy candidates to Propane and electric power.

So, the Sundance Channel had a contest called, “What’s the Big Idea,” for people to submit a green idea to help save our habitat. I submitted my idea of a car lot for sustainable vehicles, which is an extension of my new business of recycling cool cars.

If you want to see the video, click the link below. The winner’s chosen from who gets the most votes, so if you like the idea of taking old cool cars and making them useful and lessen their polluting effect for the next generation to enjoy, give me a vote!

Or two. Or ten!

You can vote once a day until June 24th. I hope this isn’t considered spamming. I’m just a guy that loves cars… and I want to see them stay on the roads but not ruin our planet.

It’s really just recycling! My video is called classics… and it’s second column from the right and second row down. So, vote for me!



Should I convert this to electric or propane?