Hello Electric Forum

I bought a 2012 plug-in prius 4 months ago took a new job 4 before that. I was self employed for 25 years before that. I drive 34.7 miles one way every day I thought the prius good compromise but I think I was wrong i assumed my employer would let me plug in, well I was wrong so now I have a $40,000.00 car that I should have not bought. I think I should have bought the leaf. :frowning:

Don’t change the Prius, change your employer. Clearly he’s not in tune with the times nor does he value you!

welcome. it is a good car… just change you employer haha

I wish it was that easy there is not much demand for what I do any more so they kind of have jammed up. I would love to give them the boot.

I do like the car very much I am averaging 67 mpg charging at home but I could do way better if I could charge at work. I have bin trying to find someone close to work to rent a spot to park and ride a bicycle to work from there but know luck. Feel like a pan handler.