Heavy Vibration

When accelerating everything is good, when totally off throttle everything is good. When you are trying to hold a steady speed or slightly slowing, there is a massive vibration in the front end. as soon as i step back on the gas it stops. I have moved the drive shafts around by hand and tried to make sure the joints are good, they seem fine. any ideas?

Remove your motor and make up a round slug of 6 layers of electrical tape and put it in the end of the motor shaft over the rubber plug. if this helps but doesn’t eliminate all the shake add 4 more layers. Don’t exceed 12 total layers.

This eliminates most of the chunk chunk brippp brippp on throttle let off complaints. If this doesn’t help you have bearing problems.

Thanks a bunch will be trying this today, i was able to strip a 2008 E2 in the junk yard yesterday, got a flat bed and second motor, trans, charger, inverter, controller, drive shafts and hubs. Now i have some good spare parts. the FBI junked it because they didnt want to replace the batteries. They would not let me take the whole thing.