Greetings from the Rocket City!

Just acquired my first GEM (2008) surplus for use around the farm and local community. I’m sure I will have a lot of questions from those on the forum who have experience with these neat little machines. Also, as a retired BSEE with 40+ years in the industry, hopefully I can contribute some too. Have some experience with large battery banks (substation aux power - 100+ volts - for emergency switching and large variable speed drives (1000 hp) used in paper making process - usually mfg by Reliance or GE)

At the moment, I’m looking for schematics or block diagrams of the typical controller and chargers used on this model. I have the GEM service manual, but it is a little lite on detail. My goal is to first get it running, then over time, tinker with mods to make more reliable and user friendly. (photos to follow - just got to figure out this forum software - this one is new to me!!)

My current EV ride is a Workman Tricycle with brushless PWM drive at 36 vdc - OK - but not a rocket ship. I’m located near Huntsville, Al (hence the Rocket City). Other interest include Boating (30ft SeaRay Amberjack), Flying(Bonanza A35), Computers, and Amateur Radio(W4AUE).