Green power for your EV - Rent your windmill


In one hour a windmill produces enough to power your EV for 6 000 miles (10 000 km). So why not just renting a windmill on a wind farm to co-produce your green electricity?

Based on this statement, I have created in partnership with some electricity producers in Europe and in the US the startup:

I’m posting this because I need to get feedbacks. Do you have green power at home? Are you going to pay to get renewable electricity for your house / your car?

I think that we should promote green power, that’s why it’s cheap to rent one of our windmills. You keep your contract with your current electricity company and you only pay the green part. At the end, it costs only 10 Euros (USD 14) per hour and one hour is 2000 kWh.

Because we need more green electricity for the future, part of what you pay is directly invested into a fund which will create new nature friendly power plants.

The system is totally transparent and available for all European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Canada, and USA.

I hope you will like the idea. Do not hesitate to reply, I’ll very happy to talk about all this.