Green cells again

Harvest time. I just picked a batch of 60ah cells.
320 pcs
I am not looking forward to testing them.
If someone wants bulk purchase 50 or more on a pallet. You ship.
I will weed out any dead ones. However they will need capacity testing and matching. There are usually a few weak ones. Useful, but should be used together.


10 packs only.

What is involved in capacity testing and matching?

Could be a lot, or not so much. One way is to charge them with balance boards until all come on at the same time. The run them while monitoring to see if any drop below 3v early.
They would be lower capacity. Makes no difference if the lowest one gave enough mileage.

The small gain from matching capacity may not be worth the effort.

The ones I sold were all charged individually @10amps to 3.5v and 1amp end point.
Then discharged at 10a to 3v. The ah of the first discharge cycle was recorded for capacity matching.

Very few were in the marginal range. Most over 60ah (70ah full capacity) A few were doa and a few <40ah. Varies from batch to batch.

I am willing to do simple testing to weed out any doa. More than that, might as well do full testing.

Once a cell is connected testing is automated 8 at a time. Simple enough but after the first few 1000, time to get back to my own projects.

I would consider a sale price for 320 cells as is and include the 8 bank tester if someone is a gambler and needs a job. :slight_smile: