Good deal? 2002 e825 4 seater


Have been looking for a lsv for my campground for awhile. They require them to be registered and plated with the state of IL so most golf carts are not allowed. Found this GEM and have no idea if this is a fair price or not. It’s a 2002 4 seater. Says has new batteries and shows pics of them. Comes with soft sides. Says everything works as it should in the ad. He’s asking $4,500. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I have seen this on the Facebook store, the 2002 4 seater gems range between $2,500 to $4000 but that gems “shows” new batteries. I purchase those batteries from batteries plus years ago and they didn’t hold a charge like my Trojans did. I was trying to cut cost on batteries since the Trojans cost so much. I used them for two years and switch’s back to Trojans. Now I was trying to go around the neighborhood and push 10 to 15 miles. In a campground those batteries might do just fine since you might go 5 miles max a day. I love my gem and been upgrading almost as much as my wallet will allow.

Looks like it has sat outside a lot, the paint looks weathered, and they added stickers so they didn’t have to paint it, but the side doors might come in handy camping.

Is it a good deal. Sure but that depends on what you want to do with it.

Check to see if they have done the recalls. DC/DC converter and hand break. That could cost you more money. Did they tell you the miles that was not on the Facebook post?


Where are you located? I’m in northern New York and that’s the going price here. Everyone on here says that’s a lot so I guess it depends on the market. I ended up going about 400 miles round trip to get my fixer upper for $1300 plus new batteries, all new brakes and other odds and ends. Also pre 2005 are an older version and have subpar suspension compared to the newer ones.


Thanks for the replies. No he didnt say how many miles. I’m in Illinois. I will ask about those recalls. Hopefully going to go drive it within a few days.


If it has title and tags already, really has new batteries and you’re ok with paint and condition, yes, it’s reasonably priced. The older (pre 2005) models ride is harsher. Some have installed Honda gold wing air shocks and report mixed results.
For campground use it should be fine though.
Get it, enjoy and welcome to the addiction!


Decided to pass on this GEM. Brakes were non-existant, general condition was not great. Just seemed like was going to need a lot of work that I’m not inclined to take on. Was really showing it’s age. Thanks again for the feedback!


I have a 2009 GEM es with 1943 miles, almost new
With fiberglass doors,radio, etc. . Selling for $4795.00. I can give bill of sale. I’m in NW Pa, no Pa title.
Thanks Art


So glad you passed this one up. I have owned GEMs for 13 years and from my experience I would not buy one older than 2006. This is a year or so after Daimler Chrysler purchased the company and had made major electrical upgrades and major braking system upgrades.
Do you need a 4 passenger or will a 2 passenger work for you?
Elaine 713.898.9563


Hello there,
I’ve got a beautiful 2002 E825 4 passenger GemCar that I just don’t use anymore.
It has only 750 miles on it, since it has been only inside our gated community. I put in new batteries and new tires 3 1/2 years ago and have put probably only about 20 miles on it since then. I take it out and run it out to our East gate (1/2 mile) every other week or so just to keep the batteries perking.
I’m asking $2500 for it, and it is registered and licensed in the state of California…951-246-3436


Do you have any pictures? Where in California? I’d need to have it shipped.


I would need a 4 passenger. Thanks.


Yes I do have photos. I just need to learn how to attach and send them.


This is a Green/White 4-seater. It is 75 miles north of San Diego.