Golf club rack/basket for sale or trade

Hi, brand new to the forum, glad to see so many EV enthusiasts! I’ve had a 2015 BMW i3 for years now, and recently moved to Oregon where my daily chores are greatly helped by my new (to me) 2010 GEM E2!

LOVE my electric cars, abnd this one is so handy now that I’ve removed the golf club rack (I’m missing the golf gene), and replaced it with the storage tub. So…

I don’t need this golf rack and would love to sell it or trade it for some kind of short bed for hauling stuff around the farm.

Feel free to respond with any questions to!



Is this still available?

Hi, Gene. Yes, Still available in Grants Pass, OR.

Call me at 818-903-6048 or email me at and we can arrange something!

Happy Sunday!


Did you ever sell this? I am looking for one as well. If anyone has one for sale, please give me a shout. Thanks!

Dennis 817.808.7402

Sold last year!