GEM - Wrench Indicator Light

I recently replaced a battery and charged my GEM. It has been working fine until yesterday when I plugged it in overnight. It now shows the wrench indicator light and when I press the accelerator the speed limit flashes 11 then 28. Any thoughts?

-11 is a jammed accelerator. Pull the floor mat back a bit.

I did that but when I depressed the accelerator pedal it flashed 23

What year GEM do you have?

On the older ones, 23 is:
“Motor field current is too high when the start switch is closed and the reverse drive mode is selected.” ==> “Faulty Motor Controller”

Not sure why it would throw that code after a (single out of six?) battery swap.

Check all your connectors, make sure the wiring harness is seated properly in the controller. If your accelerator is faulty, maybe it’s sending positive signal to throttle as soon as it powers up, this could cause the 11 and maybe the 23.

Knowing the year of your GEM would help greatly. A lot changed between the 04 and 05 years.

and I have lots of spare T-4 controllers if you need one… I can make you a deal on one.

Kinda crazy the error wrench light just disappeared the GEM is running fine

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I have a 2004 GEM. I recently installed 2 new US31DC 12V Batteries the other 4 are fully charged. I can’t get any dash lights to come on or engage reverse or forward yet I hear the sound that something is powered any suggestions?