Gem stake bed brackets

i have an e6 with the stake bed and the white drop in rails . Dont have the brackets that bolt to the stake bed to hold the rails . Anyone have them ? or know where to get them ?

If you want OEM, have you tried gem car parts direct?

Otherwise probably any stake bed parts supplier, or even amazon

unfortunately all seem to be for 2x4" which is too big . had to order from polaris , $36 ea . ouch

I would have made some ss ones for that. :slight_smile:

Ouch that price sucks. Someone must make smaller ones though, when I bought my used '02 it came with heavy steel ones that don’t appear to be original. Of course, they might not be stake bed brackets, could be something the mechanics who ran it repurposed. I’ll look more closely later


Looks like the ones on mine are just some c-channel welded to two pieces of angle iron, and they are reinforcing the aluminum squirt gun welded ones (which might or might not be OEM - I have no idea)

‘Merican ingenuity at its best!

I have 2 but they are in Fl. and I am in Nc. Got them from a place in Tampa Fl. that does GEM custom work and batteries. Can’t find the info but found him on the internet. Might also try “Ride-4-Fun” 631 544 9572