Clip On Stake Bed

Hi, GEM car newbie. Does anyone know if the clip in short stake bed that Polaris sells is compatible with a 2001 GEM? Having a hard time tracking one down and would really like to swap out my trunk. Thanks!

Yes it will fit no problem. Only fitmit issues I have come across is E4 Gems with doors. The rear door pins or hinges can come incontact with the larger clip in bed.
Gem makes 2 sized clip in beds. A large one that comes out as wide as the rear fenders its common on E-2’s and a more narrow version that sits slightly inside the rear fenders. This is the one most E4 users have. Example: this is the Narrow version


BTW I saw that Nev acessories was selling a clip in steak bed but the website had no pictures of it?

Here is a link to the factory version

Awesome thanks for the info. I saw the one on NevAccessories but was waiting to hear back from them on if it was what I was looking for.

Hi, PCary.

I currently have a 2008 GEM e2 with a clip-in bed from NEV Accessories. The bed was purchased when the car was new and was installed immediately. The base of the bed is diamond plate aluminum. On the rear of the bed is a swing gate on hinges. All is well except one thing: The bed rails are not made of aluminum and show a little rust. The car has always been kept in a carport. I live in East Texas and we do get rain, but no salt on the roads nor are we anywhere near salt water.

I also owned a 2006 GEM eL which I bought from a dealer who had it for 2.5 years as a demo and loaner. It had NEV Accessories’ stake bed and ladder rack installed at the dealership when it was brand new. The car came into my hands, in Jan of 2009, when the car was only 2.5 years old, the rails were rusty and I sent the stake bed and ladder rack out for powder coating. I later sold the vehicle to a friend and will check to see if it needs powder coating again.

So that is The only drawback on those. We purchased from NEV Accessories because they do sell good products that are well made and are convenient to use and their prices were less than factory. You need to find our if the GEM manufacturer’s rails are aluminum. Aluminum does not rust.

I have tried email them since 2015 and they never answer any of my email :frowning:

I love those white/black spoked wheels shown in the picture at the top of this thread. Do you know what size they are, who makes them, and what size low profile tires are on them?


The Wheels are “White Diamond” my wheels are 17’s but I would recommend the 16inch version for clearance and I would also recommend for lower maintaince (cleaning) getting the white face wheels and black insert basically the reverse of what I have. I have a guy that I get them From: he FedEx’s right to your door cheaper then you can get them from the store: wheels tires & rear spacers and lug nuts all for Around $1200 delivered. He sells on Ebay as well here is his direct number. Be sure to tell him Grant Sent you

He knows what size rear spacers and lug nut thread and pitch for Gem Cars.

‭(562) 843-7513‬

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great info, thanks for sharing