GEM Service in Austin TX

The motor may not grounding through the shaft? Run a jumper off that motor tab and ground it to the frame.

That did the trick! Thanks. I’m going to dive into the horn, but after opening up the dash and not seeing anything obvious, I may just bypass the existing wiring and run a new horn / switch the the floor as mentioned as the stalk is a little weird indeed.

So down to the last item, the horn, and have hit a wall. At the terminals where the horn is mounted, when I press the stalk in to engage the horn, I get a quick spike of less than 1v and then it drops to almost zero within a second (sometimes even reads slightly negative??). I traced the wires back to the PSDM and checked all the connections and they seem good. I removed the connection at the PSDM and tested the pin that the horn wire was running off of and didn’t get much of any reading, similar to what was at the mount. The fuse is good, tried many and even sized up a little. I am getting 13.54v at the fuse.

Think this is something shorting out on the stalk itself? Im not overly interested in replacing the stalk so long as the signals and wipers are still functional, which they are. As you mentioned previously, that’s not the best set up for a horn anyways, so I may just bypass that completely, and add a new switch off that same fuse unless there is something obvious that I am missing.