Gem eating batteries


I have a 07 EL that had the gel batteries. i replaced them a year ago and now needed them again. so i replaced them with the Deka G31 like everybody does. and now there bad again:confused:. I took it to the dealer saying there has to be a reason for this. all he has found it two of the terminals were loose. I know i tightened them (I really know i did). They are telling me that they arced and that is what is killing the batteries. but i have gone through 9 batteries in 4 months. so you think i would have tightened it at some point. can any body give me some pointers, something else to look for or tell me to shut up and next time triple check the nuts.:o

thank you
and i love the site

I’d check to see if you are drawing current while the GEM is supposed to be shut off.

It was the charger. it was not giving a trouble code and i had to fight him to look at it but i was right. saved my self almost 2 grand on batteries and labor because they did not listen to me.

I installed a completely new set of Trojan batteries in July of 2010 and now about 4 batteries are no good. I thought these batteries were supposed to last 5 years. Do GEM’s eat batteries?