Gem e825 help with testing motor

I was given a gem e825 long bed I think it’s a 2002. It has no batteries and I have no idea if it even runs. How can I test the motor to see if it works before investing in $400-$500 worth of batteries?


Borrow 6 12 volt batteries. You NEED to assume that a free cart will have problems. If you cant afford to spend a $1000/$2000+ to get it running, RUN!!!

Some of the items on an old cart can be Brakes (for sure) brake cables - batteries - tires - controller - charger - Dc/Dc converter -shock bushings cracked body panels

Ok so I went out and bought brand new batteries today. My next issue is the ignition switch is missing and wire are cut so I have no idea what color wires go to the ignition switch. I was gonna go out and get a switch from nappa auto since I saw a write up on replacing the original one with a nappa one. Anyone have a clue as to what color wires are for the ignition switch by chance?

Please keep us updated with your status. I have a '00 with no batteries and no ignition switch.

Also, what batteries did you decide to go with?

I too need to test about 5 motors…Just to make sure they perform properly.
My local motor repair facility said they were unable to test a gem motor because one end is open.
Is there a motor repair company in the US, that can test the GEM motor?
Anywhere in the us is fine with me…

I service motors including on cart testing for $100 to $150 or more depending on condition when disassembled.

That sounds fair… Please tell me what to do.

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