Gem cart

I have a 2004 2005 gemail truck nev. When you hit the pedal some times it will run fine. But some times the wench light comes on and and it has a loss of power and the display will show odd things. What could it be

What code comes up on the display?

No code has wench light comes on and the speedometer light up with the lights 88

The number that comes up is a code. Are you sure its not 81 or 82.

The Code 81

:confused2: 81 says “no speed sensor signal” but wait for Rodney (Old Houseboater) to respond as he is a great Go To guy for these items.

1 The tachometer magnet on the end of the motor shaft could be loose or broken.
Pry out the pick up and give a look.

2 The tachometer pick up on the end of the motor could be bad or the connector plug dirty. Unplug and plug it back in a couple of times.