Why is speedometer not working and wrench symbol shows?

Hi my name is Melanie and I have a 2012 GEM E4. Out of the blue, when I press on gas pedal there is alot of hesitation when accelerating. I have to release gas pedal and press again over and over. Plus the entire time the speedometer will show 0 then suddenly jump to 82 and a wrench symbol appears on the display. I have tried turning the main power switch off and back on but no luck.
Does anyone have any guidance on troubleshooting steps? Just know I am not super familiar with the mechanics so please be patient. :blush:

82 check speed sensor and wiring or motor overloaded reset motor controller

That is what an 82 error is, Check you wiring at the motor, could also be a throttle pedal issue.

First guess is your magnet on end of motor . They are known to break . On the end of the motor , right in the middle is a round sensor with wire coming of it . Remove it and look in the motor . there is a round magnet . If it is broken you will need a new one . Pretty common .