GEM car headlight

Purchased a 2005 GEM car a couple of months ago and enjoying it daily. Recently noted a need to adjust headlights and find it not covered in manual and not real easy though very simply mounted. The bracket the light is attached to appears to merely be glued to the interior of the hood cover and one bracket came lose while adjusting. Have used Gorilla glue to re attach but not sure if that will work or is best solution. Wondering if any others have resolved that issue.

I used the plastic epoxy found at the home-center. Worked out well for me.

Thanks Bob… Told today that Gorilla Glue makes an epoxy that should work… Heading to Lowes tomorrow

2002 GEMs have an adjustable bracket for aiming.

[quote=Avalonxls;16506]2002 GEMs have an adjustable bracket for aiming.[/quote]Unless that bracket breaks off the bodywork, which is what he said happened. I used the Locktite brand epoxy for plastic to reattach mine. It contains both the epoxy and hardener plus a solvent to make it stick well to ABS/PVC etc.

Just replaced halogen light bulb in the headlight. Polaris and GEM suppliers want to sell you the whole headlight for $48 ++ and all that I needed was a $3.00 bulb from eBay. Has anyone used a 55w, halogen rather than the 35w it came with?

thank you. Have purchased the Gorilla Glue bonding, but thus far the Gorilla Glue itself has been holding. Think I will leave it as attached, and then bond around the edges of the bracket.

how has the fix been holding up? one of mine popped off while trying to get it out…

Can someone post a video or photo of how to adjust the headlights on a 2002 Gem

Have been using the 55 watt bulbs from Advance Auto for 3 years. LOTS brighter than stock 35 watt units.