Gem car elxd rear brake parts same as dodge neon

Hey all.
I believe that the rear brake assembly on the E6 and ELXD was taken from a Dodge Neon i thought, I’m in need of wheel cylinders only and Gem only sells them as a complete assembly. I got a 2005 Neon wheel cylinder and it is not correct.
anyone know what vehicle the brake assembly was from or the wheel cylinder number.

thanks for the help.

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I think they are the same as a pt cruiser. I can’t remember why I think that but that’s what I would recommend trying. I needed them too for my elxd and after lots of searching, I gave up and used wheel cylinders from a minivan. I had to grind the backing plate for the mounting bolts. After I did that, something let me to the PT cruiser but it was too late for me to try since I had mine all back together. Let us know how it works out if you try it.

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YESSSSS, that brake system does look the same. I kept looking up Dodge vehicles not thinking about Chrysler having the PT as only a Chrysler vehicle,
I will advise if they are the same.

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Hey all. the 2004- 2010 PT cruiser rear brake wheel cylinders did in fact work and were an exact match.
i installed them on an elxd but the E6 should be the same as well.
Dorman w610130 is the part number.
Box also shows a cross for Wagner wc141638.
hope this helps others out there.


Good find! There is a thread for parts compatibility here and it would be great if you cross posted on that