Gem car e6 s..dash is flashing

Recently had my e6 s dash start flashing during the day . In the evening when the lights are on it doesnt do this. But the cart has died while driving a few times. all connections to motor and controller are good . When the car is turned off the tail lights stay on for a min then turn off…any ideas???

What Year?
I have no ideas, but someone will need more information to help.
Random flash or steady?
Blinking out completely?
Is it only the lights that stop the flashing, or other loads on the 12 volt system?

It’s a 2013. When the lights are off the dash flashes a few times . When lights are on it doesn’t . We thought we narrowed it down to the mother board but after replacing it still does it. We did recently change the battery setup to 12 6v trojans and all of the cable to 1/0.