GEM batteries

Got a great deal on a set of batteries for my 4 seater today.

I trade carts so often that I don’t spend the high cost for T1275s or Gels. I have always bought size 31 deep discharge generics or Marine combos.

I can get 3 years out of a set of these. (I do maintain water levels and charge every time I use the cart). I get 25 miles range at 50%.

I got a set of size 12 MDC 31’s from Orileys for $620 to day including tax… These are East Penn batteries and this is my 2nd set. I know they are good.

Batteries Plus wanted $120 more, a set, for the same batteries.

I’m Happy Happy Happy.

I have a Ford Think–Will these batteries fit in the ford, because its a tight fit!! I have Interstate AGMs now, and it was a hassle! They are going on their 2nd year, but they were twice a expensive as you quoted

They are size 31 so should fit.How ever you should not need batteries for a couple or three more years.

I purchased a full set of AutoZone deep cell marine batteries for my 2002 GEM. They don’t seem to be charging correctly. They will read 100%, I can drive about 10-15 minutes and it drops to 45% and the car will only go about 2 MPH. If I pull over and cut it off for about 5 minutes it shows 100% again, but still can’t keep speed. I called a guy in FL who is supposed to be a GEM expert, but when he found out I didn’t have trojan batteries, he said he couldn’t talk to me and hung up?? Any thoughts

What model AutoZone Battery?

When it stops check each battery’s voltage individually. You may have a bad one.

Sounds like it might be a bad connection though. Feel each connection after running and see if one is hot.

They 12 volt deep cell marine batteries and they all are showing 13 volt when the speed slows.

What size 24,27,31

Get a hydrometer and check gravity in all 36 cells. When it slows down.

Did you feel for hot connections on the batterys? - also under the dash cover?

they are 31. I will get my husband to try that. thanks