Gem accessories don't work

All of my accessories on my 2001 Gem car went from intermittent to not working at all. No lights, wipers, horn, turn signals or brake lights. Any suggestions on a fix?

You NEED to contact GEM ASAP!! Call them with specifics and a VIN of your vehicle. The vehicle may need necassary repairs that contribute to a recall. Guessing your vehicle is quite older. Call 866.764.0616 or email

I called them and I already had the recall performed about 4 years ago. They said I could call back when I am with the NEV and they would walk me through a couple of things or I could set up a service call. Thanks for your suggestion.

I would suggest setting up a service call if you are not very electrically inclined with a voltmeter and if you are not very familiar with the system so you don’t get hurt - high voltage ya know! My guess being intermittent to not working at all is bad ground wire from the power supply or an intermittent time delay or poor switched 12v power on the output of the converter. LOTS TO CHECK! And of course would require knowledge on knowing what wires, voltage, etc…Consider your area the technicians that NEV Service has probably would be easier for them to remedy the situation pretty quickly. Especially since they pretty much carry every part for the GEM in their vans so would be a really quick fix! Besides that maybe its time for a quick overall inspection anyway!

Yes, I agree with you. I am going to set up a service call. Thanks.

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[QUOTE=tomwaite;7725]Yes, I agree with you. I am going to set up a service call. Thanks.[/QUOTE]
Did you ever find out what was causing your problem? My 2001 is doing the same thing. However, it will work for 20 minutes, then all the accessories will shut down, lights, brakes, turn signals, etc…When you try turning on lights, turn signals, press on brakes, etc… the two red round lights on steering column light up…I called GEM twice, and they have no idea what it is…Any advice??