Gem '02 e825 binging noise while driving

Hello, I recently bought a 02 gem e825. Charged it up 100% then after about 15 minutes of driving the car makes a high pitched whine or binging noise. The only way to stop it is to turn the ignition off and then back on. I believe it might have something to do with the batteries? But no error codes. Let me know if you have any ideas thanks

Could be low battery voltage warning. What condition are the batterys in?

The batteries are CarQuest marine batteries, I cannot find what type they are. They were purchased in 2017 so fairly new and the voltage dosnt drop less then 11v before it makes the noise. Could they still be bad with high voltage.

Yes. You get the alarm prior to the cart going dead. you might have a mile before the cart will quit. NOTE: let the cart sit for 30 minutes and batteries will usually recover to give you another mile.

11 volts is not particularly high for a discharged lead acid battery (which is most likely the type you have). Charge them up, then run the load test as described elsewhere on here. (measure each cell while under load (running the cart)) It’s likely you may have one or two bad batteries or cells. Record each battery’s loaded voltage - any bad ones should stand out as lower than average voltage. I think your low voltage limit is 68 volts - 11 x 6 = 66 below the limit - alarm comes on around 69 on mine. FYI my experience with Car Quest Batteries has not been very good - 2 out of 3 batteries off the shelf - bad! (bad luck maybe - marine batteries for the boat) I’ve had good luck with NAPA.

Personally I have never heard a LOW VOLTAGE alarm. I have owned many gems and this is new to me, not saying it can’t happen or doset exist just saying I have never heard of it.

-15 is low voltage and that’s all the alarm I have ever been given.

Is it a constant Solid BEEP or tone or does it modulate or turn on and off consecutively?

If it’s solid could it be the E-brake switch
If it modulates could it be the turn signal kept on?
Sorry just spit balling here.

When I first awakened the batteries in my new to me eS, with a 12 vdc charger and 12 battery applied to each cell I ran into an unexpected tone. I didn’t try to top them off, just get them up to a point where the bulk 72 vdc charger would take over. The total pack, no load voltage was 70 volts. After checking the 12 vdc from the converter, lights, blower, and other accessories, the pack voltage had dropped to 68. After discovering the Quick Charge unit under the dash, I turn the master breaker on and was faced with an unexpected continuous tone - before I turned the key switch on. I check every input to the T4 controller and found no reason for the warning tome.
Plugged in the QC overnight. The total pack came up to 84 volts - the tome went away and has stayed away.

Some one here mentioned they had a low battery tone - which fit what I had experienced. I have not proven what it is - maybe when I get the Sentry software going I can prove it. I’ve been looking for a logic table for the T4 - haven’t found one yet - building one from experience.