Gel batteries

Hi looking for some help I have an 2014 e4 and my battery’s are only giving me 2 miles per bar at max speed is this normal? shouldn’t I be getting 5 miles per bar ? On a full charge I’m getting 18 miles as opposed to 30 miles, what I was told at the dealer when I purchased the vehicle.

At max speed getting 18 miles is acceptable, good actually

30 miles:D sure downhill in turf mode with the wind at your back

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Hi all, I have been searching for led ultra bright bulbs for my gem vehicle 2014 e4. These factory ones are to dim specially in my neck of the woods. Can anyone recommend the appropriate led type bulb? Thanks in advance

Check recent posts, there have been several members addressing this item.

I have a 2008, your 2014 may be different in regard to the reflectors of the lights. A thorough and exhaustive search and trial of many led’s and other type bulbs at high cost. Revealed that the money for bulbs spent would have paid for new brighter and better complete headlights with reflector housings. Which is what I ended up doing.

Take some time and read the (many) posts here from the people that did mess with changing bulbs for head lights and in the end, bought full led assemblys .