GE T4 - RS-232 Programming Cable

I wanted to make some adjustments to my T4 controller. Does anyone have the Pin-out for the programming cable. I cant seem to locate a diagram or photos of the actual pin-out.

Thanks, Joe

Never mind I bought one.

Download Technical Manuals for Electric Forklift, Golf Cart Controls

This site has manuals for all GE NEV controllers

Thank you, that’s who I ended up ordering the cable from… I checked out the manuals before posting the question as I didn’t see the cable broken down into pin-outs. Which is fine… for $100 bucks its one less project I need to do before programming these cars I bought.


Any one want to share any tips (PM) on Sentry parameter adjustments, looking for more speed on 2006 e4, e2, and eS currently stock setups. Figured I’d ask as I don’t want to re-invent the wheel.


You can get some limited improvement by fudging tire size and gearbox ratio settings but to get any substantial improvement you will have to replace the 4 pole sensor magnet with a 2 pole. R4F will reprogram your Controller including a magnet and the speedometer will be accurate. Costs you though :slight_smile:

R4F doesn’t carry 2 pole magnets for stock 5hp motors, They referred me to FL dealer that only carry stock magnets… just looking for software hints at this point. As the e2 and eS are going to be sold and just trying to make some small improvements while I wait for DMV to hopefully title these for me.

How about sharing the 2 pole magnet source.

If you are planning to sell the units your better off leaving them bone stock. Most buyers shy away from modified units. Tell us about why you don’t have titles. This is a hot topic on this forum.

in my area Wash, DC these are very rare birds. I bought 5 Gems that were used on a private estate. Used exclusively on his property never titled nor registered for street use and I only have MCO in his name. The PO was not willing to title in his name as the cost was too great.

I have provided the forms that VA DMV requested and now waiting for word from them.


MCO means what?

mco= manufacturer’s certificate origin.

The paper the dealer gives for titling the vehicle.