Front motor in the rain

Had a bit of fun taking off from stoplights last night in my dual motor non-P, in the rain. The traction control in this car is simply amazing - completely seamless and no hesitation. This was my first thought when I test drove a RWD and dual motor performance, both times it was raining. There’s been so much rain in the north east this year…

My son was in there with me. Even he noticed after the first takeoff and says dad what’s that noise, surprising since he’s usually ignorant of this kind of stuff. I could tell it was the motor coming from the front, but I stayed silent for a moment wondering what is wrong with the car, since I never heard this noise before in my car. The next time I punched it from a rolling start the noise was gone. Then it hit me - it was the front motor doing its thing.

Which brings me back to what I remember from test driving the performance version, which was that the front motor whine was constant whenever I punched it. I loved it. The performance car pulls much harder, from which I was slightly disappointed when I picked up my car which didn’t give me that awesome pull of the performance car. But it’s OK, I saved $10k :wink: Though had I test driven the dual motor non-P and the P back to back, I would’ve been tempted to go for the P. I was expecting the dual motor non-P to feel like something between the RWD and the P, but it feels more like the RWD much of the time.

This makes me wonder, that if the addition performance of the P is largely from the much more aggressive use of the front motor. I actually love the sound of the motor, which sounds to me like a jet engine winding up. I’m used to the electric motor whine from driving gas hybrids for years, which are much louder than in the Model 3.