Bad News - Burnt Motor Good News - New 7.5 HP Motor!

I have a custom 2002 Tiffany Blue Two Seater. Custom full-body paint, upholstery, mat, dashboard, stereo console, hard doors, truck bed, chrome bumper. A really fun little car! (It is my daily driver)

I made a really serious boo-boo and drove it in a parade. On the way home, the motor blew. My fault totally. I should have been paying more attention. Just wanted to let you know that I got a 7.5 HP motor from Marlon for only $700. It was actually a fairly easy swap - all the wires fit “just right” and everything. PLUS - It is ventilated, so maybe this one will survive Homecoming Parade next year. Marlon told me that this motor is programmable up to 8.7HP. I haven’t done a thing with that yet, but plan to in the future. He also includes controller programming for this cost. I can now go up to 45mph when needed - nice to have when you are in traffic. It’s kind of like that commercial where they say “A golf cart passes you on the road…” That’s me! Man, does this little baby ZOOM! I can beat any car pulling away from the stop light. I do have to drive on occasion on 45mph roads (legal in TX), so it is nice to be able to keep UP with traffic on the road, instead of getting ran over.

I also have the gear upgrade from him as well (I did that earlier). (That was about $350 for anyone shopping around.)

I haven’t done a full test on it yet - only one day of good weather since it has been in - but I actually expect my range to INCREASE, since I don’t have to use as much power to drive it. I’ll update you once I can drive it a little more. It definitely meets my “need for speed” at a budget price!! :slight_smile:

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad my motor blew. My car is SO much more fun now!


You should be glad. My motor took the controller with it.

I didn’t know what was happening. The cart started to chuggle and I smelled something. I kept pushing it. Take this as a lesson: If the cart starts to chuggle or buck SHUT IT DOWN and ohm the motor.

Good to hear these reports.
Thanks for sharing!

Wow! Thanks. Guess it shut down just in time. :slight_smile: