From bicycles to airplanes, EV future

In 1903 two brother with high school educations built the first heavier than air airplane. The brothers were building bicycles before this. Two people with a limited education but with uncanny craftsmanship skills, changed the world we live in by inventing a new way of getting from on place to another.
In the world of EVs, this is what several people are doing today. Trying to get from one place to another, by the most economical means available in this age. Where limited by technology, we must take up the slack by other means. Weights must be taken down to the minimum safe levels, aerodynamics must be maximized, rolling resistances reduced, and other means of passive charging introduced.
The F-14 EV concept has been based on these simple ideas. I know I am not alone in desiring to see the technology catch up with our ideas.
The smaller the cab, the less power it takes to heat and cool it, the smaller footprint it has for the aerodynamic resistance. Smaller wheels and tires reduce rolling resistances, along with lightweight torque-converter belt drives. I have spent more than five years putting these factors into the design and engineering of the EV of the future, for today. All I need are more “brothers” as dedicated to this concept as I am, and it will go from concept to reality. Keep thinking, do not be hindered by the available tech, work within what we have to make it better in every way. Then, you are ahead of the game when the tech catches up!