F-14 EV project started

I have been on fire for EV tech since 2008. I have designed an EV for the masses, not just the rich.
See the story here on facebook “F-14-EV-Project”

The project funding is underway here: http://gofundme.com/f14project
or here http://igg.me/at/F14EV/shre/6256846
Feedback is welcome on the Facebook page, or you can call me at 918-708-5620. Thanks for having me, hope I can contribute an EV that everybody can afford when this is done.
This is my story:
“I will build a motor car for the great multitude. It will be so low in price that no man will be unable to own one.” -Henry Ford

Lots of people would love owning an electric vehicle, but these EVs are so expensive. I have designed a single seat, three wheel, pure electric drive with optional hybrid charging, that will sell for under $20,000.

This vehicle borrows from the military design of the F-14 fighter jet center fuselage. It is extremely aerodynamic and efficient. This EV is estimated to drive a minimum of 50 miles at 55 m.p.h. The body will be a high strength light weight plastic skin, surrounding a high strength MIG welded oval tubular framework. Imagine passing every gas station with a smile. Imagine no more oil changes, no more worries about antifreeze in the winter, or belts going bad. Imagine a quiet ride in a futuristic vehicle that responds to the road like a race car, but costs less than any EV built in the USA. The science behind this achievement is simple. Keep it light, keep it small, make it super aerodynamic, make enough room to comfortably engage a driver and their goodies, make it in America, build it with quality throughout and make it easy on every persons wallet by building it on average wages, not Union wages. I hope you understand the path this project is on. I want to see the F-14 EV in every driveway!

I have designed and built several racing Karts, minibikes, race cars etc. I have all of the fabrication tools needed to complete his project except for the tubing bending equipment, which will cost approximately $18,000. The parts and materials needed for the F-14 EV will cost approximately $25,000. This project will take right at 6 months from start to ready prototype. I am fully dedicated 100% from beginning to prototype to the rise of this new era of EV transportation. America is due for a new way of thinking about affordable reliable green transport for the everyday workers in this county. I am going to be part of that change, how about you. Come on board, see it happen! Thanks very much, Cliff

Some pics of my older “gas” projects. I am happily focused on electric vehicles from here on. The F-14 EV is all consuming!

In a project I built a year ago, the “Off the grid Cube” charging and portable home power, I realized that an EV could benefit from passive charging. In the F-14 EV concept project, I have designed it to accommodate removable wings that have high voltage solar panels to help charge the EV down the road. With a flat panel body design, these panels could be placed on top of the entire vehicle, appearing like a solar paint job, but being put to work as passive charging.

Well, the project is getting attention from around the world, with 117 visits an 53 referrals! I would so appreciate this EV community hopping over to the site and giving me some feedback. Tell me what you think! Also, I need some experienced team members on this project. PM me if you would like to join in. I will need your email to invite you as a team member, and your area of expertise as well. The more team members I have, the better chance of getting this project funded and on the road for testing. If you guys have any questions, I would be glad to talk over the phone, just PM me on that too.
Here is the site:

Here is the list to date of the response from countries around the world on the indiegogo site, about the F-14 EV project: so far just from one site there are 341 Visits, 187 Referrals:

United States,204
United Kingdom,11
"Korea, Republic of",1
Czech Republic,1
Russian Federation,1

Hi Electrified

Would you mind if I used your images on our Facebook account with a link back to this thread? Hopefully it should encourage more interest.

Not at all! Thanks very much. Anytime you want to spread any info I put on your site, you do not have to ask! I am all for it, thanks!

I have decided to go with 1020 DOM tubing for the space frame construction, being less brittle than chrome-moly and much simpler to weld, at the sacrifice of only a slight weight gain.