Free to good home - set of front drum brakes

One of my enhancement projects for my 01 GEM E825 short bed (besides the R4F 7.5hp motor and controller reprogramming) was to upgrade the front brakes from drum to disks for more whoa-power.

I ordered and just finished installing a disk brake upgrade from All went well. :slight_smile: Well almost! The disks have 12mm studs while the OEM brakes had 10mm tuner studs for use with my custom wheels. The supplied 12mm lug nuts were too short so I had to order 12mm tuner nuts and that will take a couple of days to arrive. <sigh> So right now it’s sitting the garage w/ no front wheels. :frowning:

Anyway as a result I have a set of OEM front drum brakes for an 01 GEM E825 short bed in good condition (1500 miles total) that I’m willing to give away if you pay the shipping from Cleveland OH.


I am interested in the brake assemblies. Actually changin out a set right now. What exactly is a tuner nut?



Sorry but they’ve already gone to another guy on this group.

Tuner nuts are a special type of “lug nut” used on my custom wheels. They’re not like regular lug nuts where you have good access but rather take a special “extension wrench” to take on/off since they’re recessed into the wheels. Hard to explain but obvious when you see them.