“Free” Gem Car Keys

Hey I have more then I need 2016+ Gem car
Door & Glove box keys. CH751 I believe the doors and glove box all use the same key.
Check and see if you can use these

Will they work on mine?

See if your glove box has that code on the bezel of the key face?
The Family car Is a 2017 E4 and it has the same Key for the doors and glovebox as my 2017 so that made me think that possibly the glove and door keys are all the same I can send you a few and you could try it out.

Here are pictures of the extra keys I’m talking about

They ALL have the same code CH 751

I think the guy that sold me the Gem has 4-5 other gems and these were all the door keys and glove box keys for all 5

My 2018 e4 has CH751 door and glove box keys that are interchangeable.

grantwest – I sent you a PM.