Free Batteries. Lots of batteries!

I have come into 16,000 pounds of 24v lithium titanate batteries. Altair nano 24vdc 60.0Ah They are all unused. Many are still in their factory sealed packs.

The company recently packed up and moved to China. I was one of the companies that assisted in the clean out.

I am looking for some advice and help on my first EV DIY project. I have a 1952 Crosley that is dying to be converted into an electric drag car. Lets make a deal. I’m not looking to make anything on these. I was paid to remove them. My money is made. Just give them a good home in trade for advice and maybe some parts.

The batteries are in Indianapolis.

Dave JUMP!!!1

I’m all over it…

Just need details on getting them here.

pm’ed my email address