Forward/ reverse DC motor

I am a bit confused about this issue… i see that in most cases it appears that reveres is handled by a switch that reverses the motor… i will be doing my conversion on a 5-speed manual transmission so can i not just put my car into reverse? I read alot that reversing the motor (on a DC motor) is hard on the brushes, so want to find as many ways as possible to limit ware and tear on the motor.

Should be fine, the motor won’t know it’s moving the car backwards and the transmission won’t know it’s not being driven by a motor. Most transmissions have a 3 to 1 ratio similar to 1st gear so it’ll move about as fast as it will in 1st.

Consider a 2 speed powerglide transmission

  • cheap to acquire and can be rebuilt to handle 2000hp for little money
  • gearbox is 41kg (91lb) for the alluminium model, sleek, and you can get them with removable bell housings
  • high gear locks the transmission input and output shafts together, so 1:1 ratio with next to no drivetrain loss