Ford Think Wiper Arm

I’m looking to see if anyone has, or can point me in the right direction to purchase a wiper arm for my Ford Think. I have a brand new blade, but the arm was missing when I bought the cart. Thanks in advance!

bring your blade to your local auto parts place and see what you can find.

Thanks, I’m looking for the arm. I have a brand new blade thanks to NEV Accessories!
It does look clean without it, but I just bought a really clean Ford Think pickup and it has one. I live on the beach in Seal Beach and it helps sometimes with the dew…

Knute, I’m also in Seal Beach. There’s a gentleman who lives on the hill. He’s also a Ford Think fan. He’s quite knowledgeable about them and has a few extra parts on hand. I’ll ask him if he has one to sell and get back to you.

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I am also in seal beach. Here is the ford part number. Google is your friend