Ford Think w/ Quick Charge Charger

Hi All,

New Ford Think owner here. I bought it at an auction thinking it would be a fun project. The batteries it came with are completely dead. They were Interstate 31-AGM7 's.
The charger in there is clearly not stock, and I have seen no mention of it being used in Thinks… Its a Quick Charge Corp. SCO7210. Just wondering if anyone has seen this before, or has any advice for a beginner.

I’m in between buying replacement batteries and hoping it starts, or just selling it before I spend all of my money on it :slight_smile:


SCO7210’s are a common aftermarket part in GEM carts. Ride-4-Fun (aka: “R4F”) has been rebranding and selling them for over a decade as the “R4F SuperCharger”. I have one in my '02 Gem, they are solid, built like tanks, but not as versatile as some of the all electronic HF chargers out there.

Make sure you check and adjust your charge profile if needed when you get new batteries. It has different profiles for AGM, flooded and gel.

If you are contemplating lithium batteries, it’s not the right charger. The only exception might be lifepo4’s. I think some people have run 24s with a stock charger.

Instructions on the charger:

Manufacturer page: