Ford Think Parts

Wheel bearings 6006RS or 60062RS
Brake shoes Centric 111.07990
Brake hose 150.61900
Brake drum 122.61900
Wheel cylinder 134.61900
Master cylinder 130.04200
Air shocks Gabriel Hijacker 49614 or Coil Over Shocks, Fit Ball Joint Front VW, PAIR, Compatible with Dune Buggy : Automotive I haven’t tried these but one guy said they worked for him.
Ball joint DW-K7346 Advance Auto Parts or Moog K7346
The control arm bushings are available, but I can’t find the part numbers.

Got a think today.
First question, brake pedal goes to floor. Works yet. Where is reservoir?
Adjust Drums?
And, no, haven’t looked yet. :slight_smile:

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The reservoir is under the drivers cup holder on top of the dash.

Brakes are self adjusting unless they’re seized.

If brake fluid is low it probably has wheel cylinders leaking.

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Thanks David, that’s great!

I have 23" tall tires to try on the think. From my new 4x4.5 gem so I need 1" adapters.
Do you think that they will clear?

Another question.
Cluster will not light up over 82v. I have lead batteries so not an issue.
Does spoofing the controller allow the cluster to work at hv as well? I would think, not. I’ve been told it will work.

And one more thing. These are so much better build and easier to work on than Gems.
Everything fits and uses captive hardware. Love it.

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Yes the cluster works with a voltage spoof. I have mine running 96 volts and the cluster works perfectly.

LOL don’t come over to the dark side.

On P1 of controller?
I put in a set of Gels from Gabe. On #6 profile. All set I think. Must have came with gels. Compartment is spotless.

So am I gonna need to buy a think now? :upside_down_face:

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Yes P1. I installed a 15 volt spoof and everything works great including the battery gauge.

23" tires should fit.

Great, I’ll know in a few days. Hope the adapters dont mess it up. As i have the wheels, it’s worth a shot.


How did you wire the halo’s? I can get the main headlight to work, but If I connect the two wires for the Halo’s ; they come on the same time as the main headlight.

They need their own dedicated power. Can’t be tied in to the headlamp if you want them to work at all times. Wire up a dedicated fused bus and get your power from there for the angels.

Ok. Thank you for the info. I was able to find the wire that comes from the headlight selector arm on the steering column. When you click/twist it forward to the 1st setting it turns the Halo’s on. When I twist it forward to the next position, it turns the headlights on while Keeping the Halo’s activated.

Got you! Tied it into the parking lights for the Halo’s. That will give it it’s own dedicated power, good call.