For sale: Russco charger

[B]Russco Electric Vehicle Battery Charger[/B], Model SC 30-120 SO. [B]$700.00[/B]

Brand new, never taken out of the box (the car it was intended for was sold). Includes manual. Originally purchased for $1,080.

Provides onboard charging of both floded and sealed lead acid battery systems of 84 to 144 volts. Runs off of standard 120 VAC, so you can plug in your car anywhere in North America. Provides an adjustable constant current to 80% charge, adjustable constant voltage, then minimum current to finish.

Input voltage: 110-130 VAC, 60 hz
Output voltage: 80-170 VDC (adjustable)
Amperage, Input AC: 24 max
Amperage, Output DC: 17.5 amps (adjustable)
Capacity, input: 3000 watts
Charge time, 220 AH battery, 50% DOD: 6 hours

Automatic shutoff when charging completed.
GFCI fault
Efficiency: 80% typical
Temperature safety shutoff
Size: 10 in x 12 in x 6-3/8 in tall
Weight: 25 pounds