For Sale: 90V DC Motor 2.4HP $offers

Hi All, this is a Steelflex XT-5700 treadmill motor that is brand new - never used. I would think if someone wanted to make a fast 72 volt or higher electric motorcycle, this could be a great solution. This was intended for a fairly heavy duty treadmill (not cheap sears/costco stuff). I used to service this stuff, and the motors were incredibly reliable.

weighs about 25 lbs - including approx 8 lb flywheel which can be removed of course.

13" long (with flywheel)
4.25" diameter
2.4 HP Continuous Duty
4000 rpm
19 amp
rotation: CW

manufacturer: Joong Chenn, Inc (Steelflex), one of the world’s largest fitness equipment manufacturers.

To buy new would be about $400, offers?

Shipping will be about $30 anywhere in north America.

Please email if interested.