For sale - 2002 GEM CAUCK (CArt-trUCK). cheap w/ upgrades

2002 GEM CAUCK (CArt-trUCK).
aka “eL”

el what ? you ask…

el kaboomo. el turdo. el roja pollo de crapo…

Ok, so it’s not really that bad…

2002 Longback truck model. w/ a bunch of upgrade parts.

Photos to be added soon.


  • ugly paint and fiberglass
  • 10k miles
  • broken wing
  • tear on seat
  • it’s an '02


  • R$F 7.5 hp motor
  • NEVA disc front brakes
  • R$F supercharger (QuickCharge SCO7210)
  • Lots of new dingly bits
  • extra set of rims & tires
  • big toolbox in bed
  • Not very expensive
  • comes with some GABF’21 gold medal winning beer

Really good:

  • INWO 7th battery lifepo4 booster pack w/ charger.

I’ll post photos later.

2002 full-length truck model. Worked pretty good (for a 2002) until I snapped a drive shaft on a turn (“hey… that thing bouncing across traffic, that looks like part of my suspension” krunch “it is…”)

Got this vehicle from the local UC bus line, put a bunch of parts into it. It’s a work truck. R4F motor and brake upgrades I bought new, the charger was used. New steering parts also. The 7th battery lifepo pack was a custom “let’s try this, btw please don’t die” idea that Dave came up with and I decided to test. New steering parts and a few other things. Extra set of rims and tires (non-DOT knobbys) 6 x 31DCM batteries (a year old or so I think) and the lifepo booster.

Hits 37 mph easy. Had it up as far as 42mph.

It’s banged up, it’s a work truck.

Bads - passenger side drive shaft snapped off at the hub. Hub shattered when that side collapsed. Have a spare hub, dive shaft and rest of the parts, just haven’t fitted and done it yet.

I would like this trailer couch and lawn ornament gone from my driveway. I don’t know when I will have a chance to take the busted side apart and put it back together.

$1750 Or offer. Bring a trailer as is. Lost interest and time, just want it gone.
might go up in price or have less dingly bits if I fix the drive shaft.
Basically, you’re buying a project w/ some good upgrade parts on it and some that still need fixin’

In norcal. 10 miles from Sac.

Still available. I have all the parts, but don’t have the time and I need that half of my driveway back.

Make offer.