For Sale: 1908 Oldsmobile Replica Kit Car. $3,800.00

For Sale: 1908 Oldsmobile Replica Kit Car. $3,800.00 OBO

I’m listing this for an elderly friend who doesn’t do the internet thing.

This car is being sold as a project - One of the motors is worn out. The car is currently configured to run on 24 volts with just one motor for the purpose of demonstrating that all of the other systems in the car are functional.

Due to it being unknown how fragile the last working motor is, there will be no test drive, the demonstration will take place on the trailer.

The owners had a fellow come out about 6 years ago and go through the vehicle and at that time a new controller was installed and new batteries were purchased. I believe his name is John Wayland aka Plasma Boy.

Everything on the car works except for the one motor. The motor controller has approx. 15 hrs of operation since it was replaced.

The switching circuits (on/off - fwd/rev) function perfectly but look to be 70’s / 80’s technology and could probably benefit from being upgraded to newer components.

The body shell is made from fiberglass and overall the car is in very good shape. The rubber is good on all four wheels.

The car is street legal and has headlights, turn signals, horn, hydraulic brakes and mechanical emergency brake.

The trailer is a tilt bed golf cart trailer suitable for local trips only and is not suitable for long distance/freeway travel

If you have any questions, PM me here on this site and I’ll put you in touch with the owners.

I didn’t see an attachment option when I posted this but detailed photos / spec sheet are available on request.