Foot Pedal Question

The return spring on my foot pedal on my approx 2004 Gem has apparently broken. Reading other threads in this forum, I have learned that it is a 09ASAC-5k Linemaster.

It appears that the only way to get into the unit is by taking out the pivot point for the pedal, but that looks like some sort of permanent rivet. Do I drill this out?

Any information on how the replace the spring and a link to a replacement spring would be greatly appreciated!

The pivot pins are spring loaded just push them in to release the pedal. BTW your car is 2004 or older. 2005 up has different set up.

Thanks!!! We’ll try it and post back.

Refer to Daniels list for the spring

Thanks! Do you think I could find a spring at my local hardware store that would work or I should I just not bother opening the pedal until I get the exact match? Plus, I’m searching for the part # 975-W9 (spring) and not finding it anywhere, not even the Linemaster web site. Any advice on a source.

Thanks again for your help, Old Houseboater.

Edit: I opened the pedal using the push pins (very easy-why didnt I see that?) I see now that the spring is quite specific and I should order a replacement. Help finding one would be appreciated.

[quote=OLD HOUSEBOATER;25213]Refer to Daniels list for the spring

Try your local welding supply shop.

Ok, thanks again!

To prevent runaway, always open the main disconnect under the seat before working on the throttle. Do not use makeshift hardware store springs as breakage will cause runaway. The springs are inexpensive, a few dollars, and readily available from Linemaster. Just call them with the part number. It is good to have a spare spring around just in case one breaks.


I recently got one from Linemaster. It was $2.50 plus shipping

That’s what I did, too. They shipped fast and it was easy to install. You just have to fiddle with the switch a bit so that the Gem doesn’t see the accelerator already down a little.

Hello Sir I heard you are the guy to talk to about Gem Polaris carts?

In the meantime, maybe you can hook a bungie cord up under the dash and the other end to the front lip of the pedal cover. Anything which will pull or push the top cover up will work in a pinch.

Post your questions on the forum. There are a number of us that may be able to help.

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