Eyepoping facts on Ethanol

According to REPORTpresented at an American Society of Mechanical Engineers conference in 2007 offers some alarming estimates: Producing a [B]gallon (3.79 liters) of corn ethanol, for example, consumes 170 gallons (644 liters) of water [/B]in total, from irrigation to final processing. [B]Soybean biodiesel manufacture needs some 900 gallons of water (3,400 liters) per gallon of fuel. [/B]On the other hand, the water requirement [B]to make a gallon of regular gasoline is just five gallons (19 liters).[/B]

Checkout the report for more interesting analysis.:smiley:

I try not to buy ethonal for my truck as I see a reduced mileage from it. It is a f150.:frowning: